Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Google must be...

Female. No two ways about it.
Why, you would ask, puzzled to the core.
Elementary, my dear Watsons and Watdaughters.

All it does is, talk about other sites

(Not to forget the fact that its never happy with one attire for too long)

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I hear footsteps approaching, I do not leave the counter though, to open the door or greet (like I would have, most enthusiastically, a few months ago). The visitor is more often than not, an acquaintance now, for its been over two years since setting up shop. He looks around, and subtly, very politely points out that the display window has been sporting the same wares for a fortnight now, a remark that never fails to bring up memories of times long gone, anecdotes of goods that had to be piled up in the storerooms 'cause the (now-bereft) shelves could not bear the load.

What happened? I have no answer to this, very frankly. Is the novelty wearing off....is life with its myriad other complications proving too taxing?

"You could try the store next door or the one across the street", I suggest, matter-of-fact, "swanky interiors, branded stuff, smart salespeople to attend to you ..I..I. have very less to offer now"

And with a sigh, I shuffle towards the jar of confectionary in the corner and hand out a coin-shaped toffee to him; he, who stands there lost in.......

"A penny for your thoughts, Sir?"

(If blogs could speak, this is what mine would say)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Idli-wada and a filter kaafi maadi

The journey to and from Bangalore is pleasant although I am not offered the famed imli sweets during the flight. I do not possess a nose the size of Pinocchio's, thankfully so, for I can peer closely through the windowpane, and watch a slightly modified version of "honey, i shrunk the kids". Ever tried a hand at analyzing the shapes of water bodies from up there? More often than not, they appear grotesque, trees flailing their limbs wildly, a wolf rearing on its hind legs..

Visiting Bangalore and not stepping into Forum Mall is akin to alighting at Tirupati/Tirumala and not paying respect to the presiding deity. I hope I have successfully conveyed the significance of this particular gigantic steel-cement-and-glass structure in a city choc-a-bloc with other such malls.

I am amazed at the number of eating joints and software firms in this city. The latter metric does not fail to reinforce the fact that I am *not* unique contrary to that harped upon in the write-ups - Mind Over Matter section - Sunday TOI.

The traffic? Terrible. The weather? It isn't scorching hot even at noon.

Bangalore Times is as bad as the Pune one. Well, at least the southern edition has more pubs at their disposal to cover.

Did Xerox Corp. have a hand in the construction of bungalows in Bangalore? I could not have differentiated one lane from the next in Koramangala if it wasn't for the shops lining them.

Places/Things of interest:
Blossoms is a place worth investing time in. A bookshop off MG Road (close to Ebony) which stocks new as well as second hand books. Good discounts.
Landmark at Forum Mall sells T-shirts with whacky messages. The one I liked best was "Mary had a little lamb. It was delicious".
Chettinad Dosa at Curry Leaf - Koramangala

Current Music: Mangalyam - Saathiya
(Good picturisation. I'd hoped there would be more shlokas to this short rendition but it was not to be thus..)

Monday, March 07, 2005


And at times all one gets by prodding is a lot of dust over oneself.
What should have clouded the eyes actually makes for a lot of things showing up crystal clear.

Honestly speaking, at times the truth is better hidden in the cracks and nooks, with spiders weaving their intricate webs over 'em; step a little closer and the designs spell keep away, trespassers shall be disappointed

On another note, Bangalore sends out an invite..a vacation of sorts

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

All ears...

It may sound absurd...but don’t be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed...but won’t you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream
- OST Superman by Five for Fighting

It is a tad surprising that somebody who is lost herself should be approached for directions, though deep down I suspect that the gnawing need to be heard supersedes logic. Listen I do, very patiently, throwing in my two cents worth (dare you raise your eyebrows questioningly like that, I am prone to reasonable bouts of sanity too, prominent on the three days pre-and-post new moon).

It is a tad surprising to see heroes lay down their weapons and throw their hands up in the air, for invincible they had seemed to be till that moment, but yes, even they have the right to bleed. Fear not folks, allow me to be the knight who stands tall (in a five feet two-and-a-half armor to be precise) even in the most (only when yours) dire of circumstances ; I have the cotton and astringent stashed away (in my left and right pockets respectively), ready for use.

Pliss to note: The clinic will be open on all days except Sunday afternoons. My precious siesta outranks any Tina-or-Mina situation you may be in.

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