Thursday, February 27, 2003

A year today after the Gujarat blood bath
May their souls rest in peace

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Saw this real wierd thing yesterday.
There is this rickshaw with some people in it, and then there is this car following them with a just married couple( judging by their clothes).
A guy gets out of the rickshaw and stops the car.He hurls a coconut to the road, leaves the broken pieces as they are, and then they proceed.
A few metres away he repeats the entire performance. At the corner, you get to watch a replay. And finally fate (well.. actually the direction of my house) demands my departure from the scene of action.

Anway, after all this coconut breaking ( dont know how long they had intended to do all this, I was witness to 3 coconut smashes in a time span of 2 minutes) , I do hope they succeeded in pleasing the appropriate Gods, and I do hope they live happily ever after

Monday, February 24, 2003

At times, with a cup of coffee in hand, I stare out of the windows
of my work-hall. I look at the people many floors below going about their usual chores,
the guard calling out, someone sweeping the courtyard,
the dog barking.
Its then that I realise how it must be to be deaf, to see everything so close,
so near, yet not hear a thing.

Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Envy is hardly a Piscean trait.
But today I do not feel as Piscean as I had always believed I was
This feeling too shall pass

Monday, February 17, 2003


Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
You better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?
When you ask How are you?
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Ever told your child,
We'll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say,"hi"
You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift....
Thrown away.
Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

Monday, February 10, 2003

There are 9 wonders in the world according to me.
You are aware of the first 7 wonders.
The 8th wonder is how my wallet manages to fall out of my bag when there are so many other useless objects in it.
The 9th wonder is that someone always picks it up and keeps it at the shop where I had gotten off to buy something.

Friday, February 07, 2003

One of the must-haves while travelling is a good novel or magazine. I read "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham in the bus yesterday.
Its a book about a couple who decide to skip Christmas( as in avoid buying gifts, avoid throwing a Christmas eve bash, avoid the all-this-will-go-to-charity salespeople, avoid lighting up the house etc etc) and go on a cruise instead. Its how they remain firm in their decision and how the whole neighbourhood is appalled at this decision of "Skipping Christmas". But what happens finally, is for you to read. Surprisingly, this is one book where I could actually identify with American sentiments :)

For more on good excerpts from books or poems, Bibliophile is the place to go to.