Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Have you ever noticed anyone you know well/or a little 'less well' using
first names/more often pet names (without any teeny-weeny bit of introduction)
when talking about people he/she knows well(and please note, total strangers to you)
such as HIS/HER 4th or 5th cousin? Like when they say 'blah blah ... Chintu/Pintu/Bantu/ *ntu* is studying blah blah...)
and then they rant and rave about *ntu* and all this while you are thinking of ways to
change the subject to your *ntu* s.

And when you cannot think of your 4th/5th cousin *ntu*s (because suddenly you realise you
dont remember their FIRST names) you somehow manage to put in a
"How is Chintu related to you?"

Reply:"Oh, Chintu is Raju's(a 7th cousin in the worst case) brother"

Your reply:" Ohhhhhhhhhhhh , I see".(Your overtaxed brain appreciates this piece of information)


Folks to whom this is applicable,

Please walk around with copies of your extended family tree to
make life easier for folks like me.

Thanks and Regards to your *ntu* ,


By the way did I ever tell you about Anju's trip to
Rajasthan.Well Anju decided to .....and the family goes on

Saturday, October 05, 2002

"Here I am"
"This is me"