Monday, August 30, 2004

A Haiku with two lines and at least 10 syllables extra

Drifting apart
With time?
Their relationship
Its foundation
Floating logs?

Often, I want to write real bad, and this very desperation forces me to think in different directions, for this impatience I will be eternally grateful.

Current Music : The Piano Theme from Forrest Gump
(a lovely composition, the first few minutes being a treat for those whose fingers have been caressing the black and white keys for long)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


And if I were to list out the English alphabet today, I would start with Z, end with Z and throw in 24 more Zs in between.

Puranpoli (with a generous dose of ghee), apart from being the best cure for insomnia, is NOT something to be eaten for lunch on a WORKING DAY.

I wonder if a westernized version is the secret of Garfield's absolutely pathetic energy levels. And for all the fans of this adorable, lazy, witty, obnoxiously rude yellow cat, a Garfield comic creator!!

Current Music: When You Love Someone - Bryan Adams

Monday, August 23, 2004

The calm after the storm

A quick glance
All is well
A closer look
Slightly dishevelled
Tears had run down, haphazardly, not very long ago

The birds are chirping, a new morn has dawned, a quick glance from the window
All is well
A look, upwards and a furtive one towards the ground too
Grey, heavy
Leaves scattered, roots jutting out in places, muddy marks, still wet, on the tiles outside
The sky had let vent to its anguish the night before, not very long ago

Current Music: Garaj Baras - Paap

Friday, August 20, 2004

Was greatly surprised the other day when two girls who had been speaking in chaste Marathi for the past fifteen minutes bid goodbye only to round it off with a "Take Care, haan" (FYI, my role was that of a bored observer in a particular public place)

Déjà vu...aren't we all familiar with the "tc" abbreviation frequently mentioned and very much replaced by the quintessential "bye" at the end of electronic communication nowadays (read informal IM powwows, E-mail). How many of us actually mean it, is a different story altogether, the results of which I am sure point to it being more a formality or a follow-thy-peer thing rather than anything deeper and heartfelt. But the point I want to make is isn't it mildly disquieting to slip in and out of the virtual world and not realise it at all...are we losing touch with the real world in more aspects than one?...(am I growing old and hence thinking too much?)

Current Music: Ne majasi ne parath matrabhoomi la (excellent Marathi poetry by Veer Savarkar and one that is equally difficult to render vocally too)

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Some clothes are like sweet memories..

... and the ones that have survived the turbulence (the daily rummaging in the wardrobe), the ones that have been squashed flat by the occasional new arrivals, the ones that are sought after on house-cleaning days...

....are also the ones that are never thrown away, pushed they will be, to the dark corners of the enclosure but never in the bin, for the sole reason that they have something that the newer, jazzier ones will never have, warmth, lots of it, and most importantly no expectations from the one who wears them, no code of conduct whatsoever..

Some clothes are like sweet memories, worn out with repeated use, but funnily enough, leave one with a greater (if not equal) feeling of gratification each time

If only clothes did not make a man....

Current Music: Build Me Up Buttercup - OST There's Something About Mary

Monday, August 16, 2004

And you said the world was a small place?

In the remotest possibility that a Geography teacher is reading this, the best way to keep your class entertained on one of those dull rainy days is to get a globe and ask the kids to point out these countries on the big multi-colored orange-fruit looking thing, also known as the world. This is how, I would have loved to learn geography. Pity, that my syllabus, begged to differ.

One day I am going to sigh as the mighty flame is lit, watch the flash bulbs pop every millisecond, marvel at the fireworks display, cheer for the participants as they parade down the stadium and get the quintuplet (the rings as I have christened them impromptu) painted on my right cheek. One day I want to be there and see it for myself, to get carried away by the multicultural sporting extravaganza better known as the Olympics.

Current Music: I'm like a bird- Nelly Furtado

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Current Music : Ain't no sunshine - OST Notting Hill

Helooooooooooo....anybody up there?
Sir, thy cats and dogs, could thou please take care of them, they are slipping from the roofs, falling onto the cobbled streets ( am not in Rome, *pinching myself to cross-check*, those uneven roads are actually the pot-hole-d streets of Pune).

Helooo....could thou please turn off the giant sprinkler? The weather is lovely alright, and the appropriate poems have already been penned, Sir (or is it Ma'm?), but if only thou could be so kind enough to exhibit the menagerie strictly from 11:00 PM - 7:30 AM, Mon - Fri, I would owe thee one.

On a side-note, this blog has always been public, but was never read regularly by family, most blogs aren't, if I am not wrong. Introducing my sister, who promises to comment regularly (one can't really refuse with such a barbaric sibling like me). If only she would believe that I write all this myself :D. Watch out for her yet-to-be-born fotolog, her digicam is something to die for!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

And when it comes to..

Relationships banking heavily on the Emotional Quotient,
A "love triangle" (colloquially), take for example..
A fourth "cide" it has too, not seldom,
If it ain't suicide I am talking 'bout
Homicide is all it takes to slash the lines in the ill-fated and irregular polygon.

(Stray thoughts after reading a recent report in the Sunday TOI on Romeos gone berserk)

Current Music : Snehidhane - Alai Payuthe (Chupke Se - Saathiya)
(ARR lists this one as one of his top 5 favourite compositions, and considering the maestro had so many other delectable offerings over the years too, can't help but like it even more)

Thursday, August 05, 2004


If Bryan Adams and JbJovi could make it big, so can I!
The packaging needed for stardom is almost complete now. A love for the six-stringed elixir of life and new found raspy vocals.

I assume that the tampering of the larynx can be attributed to the raindrops falling on my head, and not due to a "waiter, there is a frog in my soup", or a fairytale gone awry, for I don't recall having met any charming men of royal heritage (or otherwise) in the past three days.

Psst: We are Indian no? So will assume that a fairytale gone awry means *meeting* a prince is an event significant enough to turn a princess(?) into a frog.

Let me not stop at singing. Do you recall if there ever was a female Don Corleone in the making? The voice is available and so is the temperament, the Sicilian accent could pose to be a problem though.

Current Music: Bed of Roses - Jon Bon Jovi

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Again that despicable feeling of standing bang in the middle of the road, as though only to greet people, engage in small talk and act surprised when they talk of moving on.

Again that despicable feeling of being stationary whilst the world rushes by at an alarming speed.

Doesn't help having moods that assume they are some whacko, topsy-turvy, up-n-down, round-n- round ride at a funfair.

Trivia - Japanese proverb
Otoko/Onna gokoro to aki no sora
A man's / woman's heart (or more appropriately mind) changes like the autumn sky

Current Music : Dil Kya Kare - Julie
The remix of this song by Instant Karma is probably the only one I can bear watch. Lisa Ray looks pretty in the shots frozen in black and white.
Speaking of the mishmash doled out offlate, it would be best to restrain the tirade. Music they call it, bah! The "kaantas" .. they sure hurt the eyes and the ears!