Thursday, September 18, 2003

Kenya is a place worth visiting...white sands, the highlands and of course the game reserves, with warrior tribes living inside the jungles.

The Hunt

His body, lean yet taut, the Maasai stands upright
A full six feet, the skin, a magnificent black
The face painted white and yellow, and he, ceremoniously clothed in red
A spear in one hand, the other holding a shield

She keeps close to the herd
An eye on the cheetah, lazily perched on a tree nearby
The moon, shimmering
As though watching them from within the muddy swamps

The night is bewitching, the stars bright,
He loves dancing, the songs and the feast
The nervous bride and the groom so drunk
He wonders if SHE would marry him

The antelope is but a few months old, delicate, elegant, the antlers not fully formed yet
She likes the watering hole, safe amongst the wildebeest, the zebras there
Hates the ugly, limping hyenas, circling them, laughing hysterically
Somehow the air does not smell right tonight, uncertainty, and seconds later all hell breaks loose

The drums start rolling, the men let out a loud whoop and leap into the air
The fire burns bright, the meat sizzling
He glances at her, she stands there, shy, the beads decorating her hair, her skin glowing
Discreetly watching his every move

The chase begins, the herd scatters, like pollen with the wind
On the plains of the Maasai Mara, begins a hunt, so graceful, the sleek bodies merging into the grasslands, a sight to marvel
The lioness ageing, but not one to let go
And the hunted, Oh but she is so young, the antlers not even fully formed yet

Frenzied shouts, the tipsy groom joins them
The drums beat louder, adrenalin rushing
She moves forward, bolder, very subtly, closer to him
His eyes are blazing, would she marry him, he wonders

The hyenas quiet now, watching in fascination
The cheetah lazy as before, tomorrow would be his day
The only sound, that of thundering feet and the grass swishing back and forth
The hunter now just feet away from its prey

Intoxicated, he leaps, the spear skywards, the shield afront
    The antelope now fearful, loses speed, loses hope
The fire brighter, the flames, rising higher
    The lioness springs forward, paws in mid-air
The drums beat passionately, delirious cries, a grand finale and then silence
    Young, the antlers not even fully formed yet, the antelope falls heavily to the ground, rises one final time and then motionless

He looks deep into her eyes, and finds what he wants
    She drags the carcass through the night, to her den

For the hunters, a majestic triumph
    And life returns to normal in the grasslands of the Mara

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Just a thought ..

Why are most successful men those, who are

School/College/Univ drop-outs
           Ran away from home
                    Started off with just 50 rupees/5 dollars etc etc in their pocket

Monday, September 15, 2003

Standing on the 4th floor terrace of my office, watching the world go by, the endless rows of cars below, snarling traffic, yet so silent, so calm, the vastness of the sky, and the faint strums of a guitar, the tune not familar, but I want to believe it is being played for me, and for me alone

Friday, September 12, 2003

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.
-Aldous Huxley

Then why let the language limit your choice of songs?

I tried out some Tamil songs for the very first time. Starting off with Alai Payuthe. I found snehithane to sound the best. I guess when you dont understand the language much, you concentrate on the flow of the words with the music. A friend, Vinaya has also promised some really slow but melodious Tamil songs. Looking forward to that.

Now that we have travelled South, I would also like to mention my first try at Keralite food. Onam special for lunch. Some colleagues said it was cooked the authentic way. The payasam was tasty and so was some banana preparation, sweet and covered with something.

Occasions like this remind you of the enormous diversity in cultures and traditions in India. A nation, maybe not sufficient in funds, but filthy rich when it comes to the variety of music, cultural heritage it has to offer.

We shall definitely make it one day....

Monday, September 08, 2003

4 surefire ways to lose your appetite and/or weight

1. Eat food prepared by thyself, if and only if you are to cooking what Grg Bsh is to international cricket.(I have eaten up the vowels not because I am hungry, but to avoid google hits from Sdm Hsn to this site and vice versa)
P.S: I am improving, I actually managed a rice concoction the other day.The fact that only I appreciated it, is a different story altogether.

2.Watch an eye-popping, mind-blowing Taboo Food series on Nat Geo. I watched all the cockroach, worm eating episode with considerable restraint (I am a veggie) but when they came to the part where a guy drinks snake blood with great relish, I just had to switch the channel. Bardash karne ki bhi koi hadd hothi hai
P.S: Imagine a thick slab of vanilla with chocolate sauce drooling over it and then.....and then.... and a HUGE FRIED ROACH in all its entirety on top of it à la a cherry.

3. Get thyself admitted in a hospital. Stay on saline for a week and I will take my money back if you dont lose a kilo or two
In case you are wondering how you are going to manage landing up in a 'ospital, I suggest you watch the Nat Geo series mentioned in point 2 above, watch the re-runs, tape it and then watch it when you are at your hungriest best. I guarantee, Vegetarian Sir/Madam, that thou shalt faint and thats when we will admit you.

For the non-veggies, it actually depends on how strong hearted you are. Ok, you watch the dog-eating episode. And in case you dont faint, we will hire the local goons to beat u up and the best room with a color TV is on the house.

4. Join a month long Vipassana program. Give and take. You gain mental stability and they take the extraaaa (no misspelt word here, astrological reasons, ask Shobhaaaa De) inches

PROPRIETARY CAUTION: The blogger is in no way accountable for any side-effects occuring by way of following the methods mentioned above

All The Very Best. May the world be a few pounds lighter. Amen.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

If being possessive is a sin,
Even the Ganges isnt long enough